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How Magnets Work
Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

We know from research studies, clinical experience, and thousands of anecdotal reports that magnet therapy relieves pain, speeds healing, and appears to restore balance when our systems get out of whack. Nobody is really sure how this comes about. Here are a couple of theories proposed by scientists and experienced magnet therapists.

To relieve pain -- Electrical Potential
Vincent Ardizonne, the designer of a checkerboard-pattern bipolar magnet, proposes that bipolar magnets alter the nerve cells in such a way that sensation of pain is blocked. Whether its pain resulting from a chronic condition or acute injury, the pain signal is transmitted from one neuron to another, first to the spinal cord and then to the brain. This transmission involves a change in the electrical potential of the nerve cells (the difference in the electrical charge between the inside and the outside of the cells). According to Ardizonne, magnets induce a voltage in the neurons so that their normal resting potential is maintained and the transmission of pain impulses is prevented. For a person to feel pain, the impulses must move to the brain, where the pain centers are located. If the impulses don't move, there will be no perception of pain.

To relieve pain -- Endorphins
Another theory has to do with endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers. These small protein molecules have a structure that is very similar to morphine. Like, morphine, they attack to opiate receptors in the brain and other body cells, creating an analgesic effect. Endorphine levels have been demonstrated to increase with vigorous exercise ("runners high"), and they are related to moods. Positive thoughts and feelings increase their levels, whereas people who are unhappy have lower levels. It has also been documented that endorphins are released during acupuncture and that is one of the mechanisms behind acupuncture's ability to relieve pain.

To speed healing:
It is believed that magnets accelerate the healing process primarily through increasing blood flow into the capillaries. Increased blood flow in response to magnet therapy has been documented by European researchers and by magnet therapists, such as Dr. Ron Lawrence, in unpublished studies.

How Magnetism Works
Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

The human body exists under the balanced influence of the magnetic field that envelops the earth, yet the strength of this field varies and is currently in a downward cycle. Although magnetic lines of force are invisible, they exert a very powerful force on objects within their field. The 700 gauss (magnetic flux density) of a permanent pitching magnet, for example, creates some 60,000 to 75,000 lines of force, then these lines of force act on the human body, they induce a weak current in the same manner as they do on a metal wire. This electric current has a profound effect on the circulatory system, the muscles and the nervous system of the human body.


(By Dr. Nakagawa of Japan)

The magnetic health series operates according to principles which are very similar to those of acupuncture - one of ancient Chinese greatest medical discoveries. The positive effects of magnetic treatment have been confirmed by clinical tests and are recognized by modern medical science around the world. It may improve metabolism by improving blood circulation and delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. This can lead to loosening of stiff shoulders and easing of pain from lumbago problems and arthritis as well as relieving muscular tension and fatigue. This can improve a person's figure, health and vitality, all without the slightest side effects.

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